The 3 Biggest Causes 
of Autoimmune Difficulties
and How to Solve Them


With  Katalin Kokavecz

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Health Coach

Wahls Protocol® Practitioner

There are hundreds of reasons
at the root of autoimmune conditions. On this webinar, I help you identify the 3 biggest causes that hijack your immune system and show you how to beat them.



It's happening THIS Thursday
(September 12th) 

at 16 pm GMT (London)

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On this 90 minutes Live Webinar:

  • 1
    You will find out why the runaway immune response is happening, so that you understand why your own immune system is mistakenly attacking yourself and what to do to stop it. 
  • 2
    I'll show you the 3 biggest causes behind Autoimmune difficulties that doctors never talk about, so that you can take your health back into your own hands.
  • 3
    By the end of the webinar, you will know some of the best natural solutions that you can start using immediatelly, so that you can start transforming your health from the inside out.
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    Plus, free BONUS: register today and you'll get instant access to the  "10 Best Healing Foods to Reverse Autoimmune Self Attack" PDF guide.

*Important Note:  due to technical restrictions the available places on this webinar

are strictly limited! Reserve your spot now and sign in to the webinar early to ensure your participation.​​

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